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Crüe Fiends


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The bad boys of rock n'roll.
The world's most notorious rock band.
The band you thought you'd never see live again.
The Machine.

Whatever you wanna call 'em, Mötley Crüe is the baddest band to ever rock the earth. There have been many imitators, but the Crüe are the innovators.
No band can compare to the sheer attitude, raw energy, & maximum kick-ass-ity of the Crüe. No one.
Whether you're a Crüehead from way back, or have just discovered Mötley for the first time, this Crüemunity is for you - Fuck The Rest, Crüeheads are best!!!

So yeah.....anything Crüe-related. Pics, concerts, albums, news, memories, whatever.

I am your Mötley maintainer, badbruthabengal.
(Also check out the_rock_pit for all rock, all metal, all the time......)

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